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On each start-up trip, a "journey to create a symbol of life" that has been carried out over the past decade by Charm Group in many key economic segments in Vietnam, especially investment and expansion Operating business in the domestic real estate market, we have had the opportunity to accompany hundreds of thousands of customers, join hands in building a modern, luxurious and fully equipped living space through urbanization. Di An residential complex (Binh Duong province) -Charm City. Raising the development of tourism complex - resort investment - Charm Resort system has two next major projects attracting in the real estate segment in 2020, Charm Resort Long Hai and Charm Resort Ho. Tram (in Ba Ria province, Vung Tau city) offers a comfortable, enjoyable, 5-star-class experience for an up-to-date lifestyle, real value enjoyment, close to natural landscapes. beautiful nature all over our country.

Through these solid bases, in order to accelerate the race of "reaching out to the big sea" as well as boosting human resources for the future ecosystem of Charm Group, the interior production and supply system is high. level-Charm Living was founded.

Join the prestigious furniture brand Charm Living towards the next new journey, creating beautiful homes, because for us, home is not only a place to stop but also a place to nourish soul Nurturing talents where Vietnamese cultural values are inherited and promoted.

Why choose our brand - Charm Living?

- Minimal space

- Environmentally friendly materials

- European standard quality

- Durable

- Closed production process

- Design according to needs

Professional interior design & consulting service:

  • Package design and construction
  • Best design fee in the market
  • The quick completion time is not more than 1 week
 Vị trí: 79 DT743B - Khu phố Thống Nhất - Tp Dĩ An - Bình Dương
 Hotline: 1900 599 810